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Welfare & Early Help

Welfare Lead

Here at Kingsbury Academy, we have the welfare and well-being of our families at the heart of everything we do. If our families are experiencing difficulties, we know this can impact upon our pupils’ ability to be relaxed and ready to learn and engage at school. By working together, we hope to make everyone’s life that little bit easier.

Kingsbury Academy's Welfare Lead's role is to support families in a variety of ways to ensure our pupils get the very best from school. We can help by offering support with behaviour, communication, embedding routines at school and home and attendance support.


Kathryn Croom

Welfare Lead

  • Family Support
  • Early Help Coordination
  • Parental Engagement
  • Safeguarding Support
  • Safe and well checks
  • Workshop co-ordinator
  • Attendance support
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

The Welfare Lead can also offer guidance with housing, benefit concerns and accessing services such as respite. They work alongside many other professionals from social and healthcare, so have a wide breadth of knowledge to benefit our families.

The Welfare Lead welcomes all queries and will endeavour to support. Please do not hesitate to contact school for a chat, or to discuss any issues that you may be experiencing, please ring school on 02476594952. Alternatively, you can email the Pastoral Lead at

Early help:

The aim of early help is to provide support as soon as a need arises or when a problem is identified to prevent things getting worse. It can signpost to services such as:

  • Parenting support
  • Play and activity groups
  • Emotional health and wellbeing support
  • Communication and language support

Early Help may be provided by a single agency or a group of agencies who will work together with you and your family to help resolve any difficulties you are facing. It can help prevent further problems arising by working with you to build the strength and resilience within your family and enable to find solutions in the future.

You can request Early Help directly through school or ask someone that is already helping you to request help by phoning or going into a Family Hub. You will always be given a copy of your early help assessment.