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Kingsbury Academy promotes positive behaviour through the use Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) principles. PBS is a multi-component framework to support behaviour change and is focused on improving ‘Quality of Life’.

PBS is a proactive and positive approach, which is evidence based, and is recommended as best practise with people with SEN and behaviours of concern.  The PBS approach is based upon the understanding that all behaviour is a result of either an unmet need or communication.

Essentially, PBS reinforces positive behaviours, rather than using a punishment-based system and responding to negative behaviours. PBS aims to ensure there is long term behaviour change. We use every opportunity to teach, model and promote positive behaviour.

The first step to modelling positive behaviour is to lead by example, which means that all staff, volunteers, and anyone else who comes to Kingsbury Academy must act responsibly and professionally and will never denigrate pupils or colleagues.

We look to identify the function of the behaviour so that staff can provide positive ways for pupils to communicate or regulate their behaviour. All pupils have Wellbeing Passports which detail preferred methods of communication, likes, dislikes and strategies known to de-escalate pupils when they get distressed.

Some pupils may need additional support with their behaviour and in these cases, class staff will work with our behaviour team to design specific Behaviour Support Plans. These ensure that we are consistent in our support, with individual pupils.

Our Speech and Language and Occupational therapists have key input into determining the function of behaviour and providing class staff with training accordingly.

In rare circumstances, we will seek additional support from Educational/Clinical Psychologists or Behaviour Analysis experts and design more targeted behaviour support plans for individual pupils.

We hope that by encouraging positive behaviour patterns we can promote good relationships throughout the Academy, built on trust and understanding, and support all of our pupils in developing a high level of social awareness and tolerance.