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Kingsbury Academy promotes positive behaviour through the use Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) principles. PBS is a multi-component framework to support behaviour change and is focused on improving ‘Quality of Life’.

Positive Behaviour Support

At Kingsbury Academy our Positive Behaviour Support approach reflects our understanding of the complex needs of all our pupils and how this affects their ability to self–regulate and manage their behaviour positively to engage with their learning. We aim to take a holistic, whole-person approach to behaviour that encompasses sensory processing, communication needs, positive behaviour strategies, trauma-informed approaches and appropriate physical environments.

Kingsbury’s aim is to truly understand pupils and their behaviour, and implement research-based strategies with one aim in mind: to improve the quality of life for all of our pupils and their families.

Please click on the Behaviour Policy for further information.

In summary, the PBS framework:

  • Creates a system of support that values dignity, choice, participation and equal opportunity.
  • Considers the person and his or her life circumstances as a whole including physical health and emotional needs.
  • Creates physical and social environments that are supportive and capable of meeting individuals needs.