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  • 10/05/24

    Kingsbury Academy Students Welcome Coventry's Lord Mayor, in Charitable Support for Muscular Dystrophy

    Pupils from Kingsbury Academy with L-R Susannah Roberts, Amjid Zaman, Lord Mayor of Coventry, Lady Mayoress and Sarah Ann Moore
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  • 07/05/24

    Grand opening of Kingsbury's Playground!

    Look at the wonderful poster our learners collaboratively created to warmly invite you all to the grand opening of our school playground.  We hope to see as many of you there as possible celebrating the success of the Parent Teacher Association for working tirelessly to fundraise and to cons...
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  • 26/04/24

    Spring is in full swing

    Have you ever seen a baby chick hatch from an egg? It’s one of the most exciting things you can witness. Learners at the school were fascinated by the lifecycle of a chicken and watched eagerly as the eggs hatched, and we welcomed 9 playful chicks!
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  • 21/03/24

    Thank you Kautex for our Eggciting treats!

    Gratitude in Full Bloom: Thank You for Donating over 100 Easter Eggs! The halls of Kingsbury Academy are echoing with joy and gratitude as we extend our heartfelt thanks to Kautex for their generous donation of over 100 Easter eggs! This wonderful gift has filled our hearts with warmth...
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  • 15/03/24

    Eco week 2024

    Green Heroes: Kingsbury Academy learners take on Eco Week 2024 Excitement filled the air at Kingsbury Academy this week as students embraced the spirit of environmental conservation during the much-anticipated Eco Week celebrations. With a flurry of green-themed activities and initiatives, E...
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  • 08/03/24

    JLT Spring update

    During our spring JLT meetings, learners finalised their choices for the whole school menu on World Culture Day, made decisions involving the school environment… even down to the colour of our new chairs!
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  • 07/03/24

    World Book Day 2024

    World Book Day at Kingsbury Academy is a vibrant and exciting celebration of literature and reading. It's a day when children immerse themselves in the magical world of books, characters, and stories, fostering a lifelong love of reading.
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  • 06/03/24

    HS2 - STEM Tunnel Structure

    Big thank you to Rebecca and Fiona from HS2 who delivered the 'Tunnel Structure Challenge' for our learners. Our learners had to generalise and demonstrate a wide range of skills in order to complete the task. For example, following instructions, listening, working as par...
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