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Curriculum for Enrichment / Generalisation Component

Our Curriculum for Generalisation and Enrichment component offers an opportunity for enrichment through personal development. Pupils generalise their learning in wider contexts and have encounters beyond the classroom, providing a varied and rich educational experience.

Through this component, we aim for pupils to consolidate their learning in wider settings and experiences, and to further develop their resilience, confidence, and independence skills in order to stay physically and mentally healthy.

As part of our offer, we aim to ensure that pupils are fully equipped to be an integral part of society and modern Britain by understanding diversity, celebrating commonality, and promoting respect throughout their lives. 

Pupils also have opportunities to participate in a variety of groups, which include the Junior Leadership Team where pupils have a say in their educational experiences. The Work Skills Team, Projects Team and Eco Warrior Team all provide opportunities to develop key skills linked to accessing their communities, preparation for adulthood and transition to the next phase of their education.