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Spring is in full swing

Have you ever seen a baby chick hatch from an egg? It’s one of the most exciting things you can witness. Learners at the school were fascinated by the lifecycle of a chicken and watched eagerly as the eggs hatched, and we welcomed 9 playful chicks!

Learners watched and anticipated the tiny cracks appearing on the eggshells. We learnt that this is called "pipping." It’s the first sign that the chicks are ready to break free. As the chicks emerged, we took care of them by ensuring they were warm, safe in their brooder box and had plenty of food and water to help them grow. Learners demonstrated a good understanding that chicks grow into environmentally friendly creatures that can have a big impact. From reducing waste to controlling pests, aerating soil, and promoting biodiversity, chicks and chickens play a crucial role in creating a sustainable and balanced environment. By caring for these little ones and allowing them to thrive, we contribute to a healthier planet for everyone.

Handling the chicks

Our learners practised their turn taking skills and listened carefully whilst handling the chicks. We even designed a chicken run and watched the chicks explore and play with one another.  



Watching eggs hatch and taking care of chicks was described by learners as:


'the best chicks cute

' favourite time of year'

'we love Bradley, Rachel and topsit' 

'chicky... they think I am their mum'