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Whole school Numicon training

Our staff were very busy today, as we were fortunate to welcome Lisa Lalor a Maths specialist who delivered a fantastic training session on uses of Numicon tailored for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Lisa covered the foundations of Concrete, Pictorial and abstract pedagody and how Numicon can support delivery of number mastery, imitation, sequencing and matching. 

At Kingbsury , we understand the importance of providing inclusive and effective educational resources for all learners and the difference research based manipulatives make to our learners. That's why we were thrilled to welcome Lisa who demonstrated how Numicon, acts aas powerful teaching tool designed to support learners of all abilities.

Following our session some of the feedback from staff included:

'Numicon is not just a mathematical resource; it's a  tactile approach that engages learners through hands-on exploration and visual representation'. 

'We did not know the many ways in which Numicon can be used to support teaching of a range of concepts'

' I am excited to use the strategies and methods I have learnt from this session' 

Through interactive modules, practical demonstrations, and personalised support, our staff have gained confidence in using Numicon to address the diverse needs of our learners. Whether it's developing numeracy skills, promoting sensory learning, or fostering communication and social interaction, Numicon offers endless possibilities for inclusive education.

Together, through delivering high quality CPD we progress to creating more inclusive and enriching learning experiences for our learners.