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Pupil Welfare

Pupil Premium funding is additional funding to enable schools to provide greater support for children eligible for free school meals (FSM).

Here at Kingsbury Academy, the barriers to learning for our pupils are developmental rather than because of social background. As most of our pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding have additional communication and social interaction learning needs, these areas form the basis of targeted interventions.

Pupil Premium funding has been utilised to employ a Pastoral Lead, whose role is to engage families in improving social and educational outcomes for their child.   This is a designated role for providing early intervention for families in relation to accessing appropriate support and services to ensure a consistent, child centred approach to learning.

Pupil Premium is also providing music therapy sessions to encourage decision making, support self-confidence and self-expression and develop emotional regulation. We also provide a whole school approach to communication through pupil premium enabling skills pertaining to communication, both oral and written. This will assist with relationship building, brain development, and improve overall quality of life.

Reporting to governors is undertaken termly, with governors challenging spend and outcomes.